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Our services

Supply Chain

Our technical service solutions include comprehensive work on supply, procurement, equipment, technical support, and warehousing. Our extensive expertise in project delivery for local establishes our

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Payroll Solution

At NCPDC, we recognize the need for first class payroll service. NCPDC offers effective in-county payroll systems which can make all appropriate deductions for local

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Executive Car Hire

NCPDC can offer assistance from arranging local hire cars through to providing our own vehicles with drivers for dedicated use by consultants/contract staff in all

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Assignment Support

NCPDC will assist in all aspects in-country orientation, from meet and greet at the airport through to obtaining a Expatriate Work Permit, drivers licenses and

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NCPDC has extensive experience in providing Hotel’s and fully furnished accommodation to Consultant/contractor staff, we provide assistance at every stage of the process, from selection

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Our Vision

A vision to become the largest domestic solutions provider in in the areas of Logistics and Consulting Business.

Our Commitments


To carry on by means of motor vehicles of every kind and description, and other conveyances of any kind and all kinds, the general business of a private carrier engaged in the transportation of passengers, freight, goods, wares and cargo of every kind and character, for hire, charter, rent or lease, by land and to do any and all things necessary, advantageous or useful in connection with the conduct and pursuit of its business. To carry on a general import and export business in goods, wares and merchandise of any and all kinds and nature whatsoever.


To purchase, acquire, own, lease except financial leasing, sell and convey real properties such as lands, buildings, factories and warehouses and machineries, equipment and other personal properties as may be necessary or incidental to the conduct of the corporate business, and to pay in cash, shares of its capital stock, debentures and other evidences of indebtedness or other securities, as may be deemed expedient, for any business or property acquired by the corporation.


To engage in the business of contracting, enlisting, recruiting workers both skilled and unskilled for local entities and to act as agents of individuals or firms in the supply of manpower and other related services. To provide logistics services, handling details of an operation to companies and persons engaged in the construction business, industrial projects, and development of resources in the Philippines to include land transport provision, supply of vehicles and any other commodity within the commerce of man.

About the company

NEW CHANGE PROVIDER DOMESTIC CORP. can demonstrate capabilities in areas that have resulted in zero incident rates across numerous hardship territories where NCPDC represents Consultant/contract personnel. The key to successful mobilizations from a security perspective is dependent on accurate pre-mobilization information, closely supported by best in class support services in country. Further underpinned by an effective emergency mechanism, the service lines that NCPDC has established for its consultant/contract personnel allows for 24-hour support to assist in all eventualities. This document seeks to describe the range of services that already exist as part of NCPDC’ portfolio, but will further describe the organizational set-up that deals with security in Philippines presently with particular reference as to how this structure will evolve as business volumes grow over time. NCPDC model is to sponsor consultant/contractor work permits on behalf of its clients. In this process, NCPDC oversees all aspects of the work permit application to ensure that all personnel undertake their assignment in-country legally. NCPDC offer managed taxation solution to their expatriate’s consultant/contract personnel prior to mobilization. An overview of the in-country tax regime and taxation equalization statues can be obtained prior to starting their assignment in country.

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